Shinichi T.

Review for Shinichi T.
Catherine A.
almost 3 years ago

Shinichi, is a wonderful host! it was a pleasure to cook for him and his guests. He makes you feel very welcome and a included. A fantastic experience.

Akemi Y.
almost 3 years ago

Shinichi is a perfect host in his wonderful apartment. Very welcoming and friendly. The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances and an induction hob, the presence of a large island is good for food preparation. Lovely friendly guests, I very much enjoyed cooking for Shinichi.

Catherine A.
almost 3 years ago

Once again Shinichi was a very gracious and hospitable host, a few last minutes changes but all dealt with professionally. Always a pleasure to cook for Shinichi.

Cocina M.
over 2 years ago

Mr. Tamara was an excellent client. Very appreciative of a diverse menu and had aptly matched his wine and drinks selection with his chosen menu. His guests were equally appreciative of our team's efforts. An absolute pleasure to work with him.

Richard G.
over 1 year ago

Shinichi is a fantastic host in a wonderful apartment. We provided canapés for his New Year’s get together which was a very enjoyable event.

Robert T.
over 1 year ago

Shinichi is highly polite and welcoming host. It was a pleasure to cook for him. The kitchen area is brilliant, and a pleasure to use.

luca C.
10 months ago

It is been a Pleasure for me cooking for Shinichi ,very nice person , him and his friends .
Hope to have the opportunity to cook again for him !

5 Star !