Salvador C.

Mexican Food / Italian / Thai / spanish

I m a mexican native chef
with 20 years of experience in international cuisine
who loves cooking delicious food for nice people
my speciality , is mexican food
but the real and traditional
homemade full of flavours and sensations , equally I do cook Spanish food , Italian , Thai , chinese and french
give it a try
you will love it
if you have any questions please let me know.

Review for Salvador C.
Ellen P.
4 months ago

Wow, wow, wow! Sal was just wonderful. He cooked us his speciality, a totally authentic Mexican Sharing Feast for me and my girl friends.

There were many dishes that were completely new to is and all the food was absolutely delicious and stunning to look at too.

He was great fun, really kind and thoughtful and an absolute pleasure to have in my home.

We were all so happy to have the opportunity to get together at home where we could laugh and joke loudly and be as silly as we like which isn't possible in a restaurant! 😂

Plus I saved a fortune on babysitting fees too!

We all highly recommend the eho chef experience to groups of friends who want to enjoy the informality of being at home and sharing great food.

And we all 100% recommend Sal too, just a brilliant guy and talented chef!

Thank you!