Priya A.

I take Culinary Art as one of my greatest passions, cooking healthy and delicious food, using all natural, organic and ethnic ingredients.

I create diversity using blends of different tastes, using my own experiences which I gained while living among many different countries and cultures.

My approach to the kitchen is a mix of research and traditions from my own experiences to create dishes that give a memorable and fantastic sense. I started to be passionate of the culinary world since young age when I always helped my mother in her kitchen, and going for cookery and cake making classes since school age.

I had the opportunity to be the manager of a Mexican restaurant in LA, and also worked as a consultant, training staff in other Restaurants and Hotels in Sri-Lanka, Canary Islands and Morocco. I have experience working as a private chef and catering for weddings, private parties and events for more than three decades.

So, just sit back, let me set the table and cook for you.....

Asian Mediterranean Spanish