With more than ten years’ experience in catering, from traditional Italian cuisine to fine dining, I am a professional pastry chef with a passion for travelling, which took me to discover the most diverse gastronomic cultures around the world.
My knowledge, combined with the opportunity of exploring a wide variety of ingredients in London, allows me to create an array of truly experimental fusion cuisine dishes.
I have worked in gourmet and Michelin starred restaurants in Italy and Australia and run for 3 years the Castelvecchi restaurant in the heart of Chianti, Tuscany. I participated in several national and international patisserie contests and I was awarded with a €3000 prize for the Eurovo 2012 Competition for my original creation ‘Revised tiramisu’.
I currently also run a social supper club in my house in Highgate, London.

Review for Michele
8 months ago

Fabulous. Ultra professional and great comm. cleaned up a storm. Fabulous food. And the tropical chocolate is fabulous.