Lahiri B.

Vegetarian since I was born and vegan for 2 years now.
I worked in charge of various veggie kitchen for the last 13 years in London, Brighton, Oxfordshire and Italy but mainly in London Town.
I'm a forager and I love to mix wild and local produce for a unique experience and taste.

I've been told my style of food it's pretty different from everyone else as my tastebuds and combinations were stimulated when I was a child by my first ever head chef , my mum!
After 13 years cooking I believe I mastered enough skills and confidence to deliver delicious and innovative food.
try me !

British Italian
Review for Lahiri B.
over 2 years ago

We had a fabulous meal created for us by Lahiri. It was a gastronomic feast and a unique experience. One of the guests said it was the best food she had ever tasted! :)

Lahiri was very professional, contacting me straight away to arrange things, and knowing just what to do. He brought all of his own kitchen equipment which I didn't already have, prepped, presented everything beautifullly on time, and then tidied up the kitchen at the end!

I couldn't recommend him more highly for a vegan or raw vegan experience!!