Julienne L.

I am a Registered Caterer in Brentwood Essex. My baptism into the culinary world was from about the age of 9 or 10. I was there in the kitchen, standing on the bottom side of a coca cola case, pushing myself in, helping, until I could do it on my own a couple of years on.  I learnt mostly from my mom's sister, Aunty Margaret.  She was such a brilliant cook and was also a caterer.  Her specialty was wedding cakes, fudges of all kinds, but also made meat pies, choux pastry chicken and cheese puffs, Rotis, curries, Chinese food, Trinidadian style, anything at all, she could make it. It was a coming together of family and friends.  I cannot begin to tell you the pleasure and joy it brought to me.  It was not just about the food, it was about the social interaction with loved ones and it is always a huge plus, when we all sit around the table to hear the Oohs, the Aahs and the Umms sounds right round the table.  It gave me such joy and humility to know that all the little cuts from the hand graters was definitely worth it.

So, there you have some background as to how I began to cook and came to fall in love with it and even though I was born in Basildon, Essex UK, I grew up in Trinidad from the age of 4 and was there until I was 23.  Therefore, that makes me a British Trini or if in Trinidad a Trini British.  Whichever way you want to phrase it, my cuisine speciality is Creole food of which I am very proud to be part of and by the way, a very good cook/chef.  Ask all my friends and family, they will validate my claim.

Créole cuisine is a creation of fusion of flavours which is very diverse but is distinctly cultural and traditional to the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

The exotic flavours adopted is heavily influenced by many different cultures that settled in that part of the Caribbean over the centuries and is a combination of African, Indian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Middle Eastern and more.

Over time, the different dishes have been adapted and changed to what is known as Trinidadian food today.  The use of a variety of exotic herbs and spices creates the unique savoury Créole flavours of the different cultures and this is being offered by Aunty Julie’s Créole Cuisine.  It is really an experience of tasting the world on your plate, enjoying the fusion of flavours of what cooking with my sauces has to offer and would certainly take you on an imaginary island trip, enjoying the unique tastes it brings to your food.