Francisco M.

My cooking can be both technical and creative, as I have a wide range of knowledge from different cultures to choose from.
I can be very purist at times and follow strictly the traditional, but I am also open to the mix and fusion of flavours as long as it is reasonable.

Traveling the World for over 20 years, having lived and visited places like Australia, New Zealand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Mongolia, India, Bangladesh, Morocco, most countries in Europe and North America including Caribbean working aboard the Royal Caribbean cruises.

Specializing in the cuisine of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, for its healthy characteristics with its diversity of aromas and flavours, also influenced by the Asian cuisine wich gives me even more freshness and flavours and textures to work with.

Amongst all my qualifications, I should certain mention one that has been with me for long time, that is my natural flair and bliss when It comes to flavours.

I was firstly taught to cook by my Mother and Grand mother who were part of a traditional Portuguese family. In addition to that, my father was also passionate to his own heritage, the Italian food, and always made sure we were conscious about how healthy and full of flavours the real Italian food can be.
Later in life when I became a professional Chef, I started to develop my techniques and found that my real passion was the entire Mediterranean Food culture as one.From that moment I have read many books, watched videos, ate in restaurants and travelled to actual places to get to know the particular culinary.

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