Dora T.

I am a self-trained chef, specialising in vegetarian and vegan food. I cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients, as healthily and sustainably as possible, and have a good knowledge of nutrition. However, I love to create indulgent food too, and think that everyone should treat themselves to a lavish feast once in a while. I particularly enjoy Italian cuisine- when working in Tuscany last year, I learned how to cook lots of delicious, lesser known Italian dishes. I'm also very familiar with Caribbean food, being from a Jamaican background. Recently I have been experimenting with Middle Eastern and North African flavours, and am constantly looking for new recipes and ideas to try out in the kitchen. If I cook for you, I will ask you about what you usually like to eat, and then create something new and exciting, playing to the flavours that you love. I believe that cooking and sharing food is a sensory and social adventure, and I'd love the chance to cook up something unforgettable for you.