Aran F.

To introduce myself I will talk briefly about some of my hobbies and interests before listing education experience etc. I am an aspiring chef and began cooking with my family when I was about twelve. I’m a firm believer in good cuisine as a social medium and method of relaxation, cultural integration, family bonding etc. My love of nutrition, good quality food and a desire to cultivate a deep level or respect and understanding for the earth and nature are what led me to Shumie (See experience). One of my biggest passions is the area of human development. I have studied and practiced Yoga for over ten years and am the third generation recipient of this discipline. I have also been practicing Kung Fu for over ten years under Master Monty Ayube London Shaolin Center.I have experience as a commercial chef as well as private. I have worked under several high end chefs in the UK cooking traditional and more obscure anglo european and Mediterranean cuisine. I have extensive knowledge of nutrition and cooking for vegan and vegetarian diners. I also have a good knowledge of juicing and so called super foods as well as macrobiotic philosophy. I have an on going interest and growing knowledge of diet restrictions and nutritional philosophy. My first language is english. I have experience teaching/working with young people and am good with children.