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James Patterson
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About me

Hey there,

An ex-chef who still loves cooking ! I still get massive amounts of enjoyment from cooking for friends and family. So thought this would be a good opportunity to do what I love and share with a whole new community.
I love cooking all types of cuisine and try to use seasonal ingredients. I am happy to do a wine pairing as well, as wine is another passion of mine.
Hope to meet you soon, enjoy a glass of wine and have some good food :)

May 2018
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This is the second time we have hired James, and he yet again provided an amazing meal. Absolutely delicious, perfectly cooked and timed, and flexible for us to sit down when we and our guests were ready. Will definitely ask him to return again.
13 May 2018 See menu
By Janine
James created an excellent meal for our guests, and was flexible on timing, menu changes and numbers. The courses were all delicious and well paced, with James quietly and competently adding to the enjoyment of the evening. He also guided us on the wines which worked well. We would definitely use him again and recommend him to others.
17 Mar 2018 See menu
By Janine
Amazing meal from start to finish. James was super friendly and very efficient, never had to enter the kitchen! The menu was well planned and transition from course to course was delicious. Look forward to trying James's other menus.
05 Dec 2017 See menu
By Feryial
I can see why James gets fantastic reviews. He is smart, funny and very easy going. It was my first dinner party so I was a little nervous to start. A few drinks in and I relaxed more. I wanted something a little European, James cooks everything! He explained he dishes as he served them and kept us informed as he went along. It was all perfectly timed. We had a seared peppered tuna, white bean salad, red pepper coulis to start. Delicious! Mains - Duck with braided fennel beetroot and orange, star anise. Desert - Eton mess! Unreal. He cleaned up, loaded the washer and left us to enjoy our evening. Will certainly have him back and yes my guests also loved him. Thanks a lot James
05 Aug 2017 See menu
By Gemma
I really enjoyed James's menu. It is hard to say which dish was best because they were all best quality! The starter was great with a nice flavour of citrus. Pho was just right with the spice that James made. Thank you for a fantastic time. Hope we can have another go with a different menu that he will upload soon.
25 Oct 2016 See menu
By Uroshi
James is an excellent chef. Arrive on time, precise and above all very enthusiastic for foods. Sea bass carpaccio is delicately sweet and full of UMAMI. Pho is clean, simple and gentle to my stomach. He seems to have many ethnic varieties. I cannot wait to try them.
24 Oct 2016 See menu
By Ted
The three course menu was fantastic! It was my first time to experience ehochef service and it went all well. I really enjoyed the experience of having a private chef at home. It felt so luxurious. The chef, James, is a very good guy with enthusiasm for cooking. He completed the menu with perfect taste. I certainly recommend him as your first choice. I would like to try his other menu if he uploads. Thank you.
23 Oct 2016 See menu
By Yuko Harris
Lovely dishes and lovely chef! We all had a great time!
23 Oct 2016 See menu
By Rie
Pho at your own home! I am a big fun of Pho, and James's beaf Pho was very close to the ones I had in Vietnam with a bit of twists. I was particularly impressed with the beaf he said he got from a local butcher. Overall, it was a very well-done 3-course, I enjoyed it so much! Thanks, James!
23 Oct 2016 See menu
By Paul