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Michael Taylor
British - Mediterranean - French

About me

Michelin trained with a real passion for food, I believe in preparing fresh, nutritious meals using local seasonal ingredients. My goal is to bring great tasting fine dining food to you in the comfort of your own home so you don’t have to lift a finger.

I love to travel and eHo give me the freedom to do just that. It's really great to see how you have made your guests feel with the meal you have just cooked for them.

I am so happy to be part of something that i know will be part of everyone's lifestyle in the near future


Wonderful food last night from this very creative and talented Chef. Michael was more than happy to customise the menu to suit our tastes. We asked if we could have an alternative to the hake as main course: he provided several other options, from which we picked a succulent roast duck with apple and celeriac dauphinoise which was absolutely delicious. At our request, he also added a small cheese platter which was a perfect complement to our red wine. We loved the fact that Michael cooked everything from scratch in our kitchen. The food was beautifully presented on the plate and Michael's passion came through vividly as he introduced each of his creations to the guests. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We can't wait to have him back again soon for our next dinner parties.
11 Dec 2016 See menu
By Pascale
The food was sensational! I was absolutely astounded by Michael's cooking - from presentation to taste it was incredible and he is so talented. I will definitely be recommending eHo Chef to others, be booking again!
30 Nov 2016 See menu
By Francesca
I know I often say "this is the best" and declare things "the most amazing", but what we experienced last night was truly special. We had a Michelin-trained chef come to Beas home and serve us an 8-course tasting menu, and while pictures can say a thousand words, not even these can do this eating experience justice. Thank you @ehochef and Chef Mike. We're still on cloud nine.
30 Nov 2016 See menu
By Sara
Michael is truly professional. No need to say everything was beautifully presented and wonderfully delicious! His passion for foods refrected on each dishes. It is well worth hiring him. He turned my kitchen into Michelin star restaurant. Magic!!
17 Oct 2016 See menu
By Tetsuro
The best course menu I've had for many years! Michael welcomed us with a lovely appetizer and a surprising selection of handmade breads - in fact, there were full of surprises throughout the night. The starter soup was very original, and I loved the Hake for the main. The decorations were all beautiful and creative, and I felt it was a bit of a shame we didn't have any ladies on the table to impress! Michael was very professional, enthusiastic about cooking and cooking for the guests. The whole presentation was just perfect, including the clean-up - it was a joy to watch. Sorry I can't give you more than 5 stars!
17 Oct 2016 See menu
By Paul