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Lise Arlot
French, Italian & Moroccan

About me

French amateur cook and pastry cook passionate about quality products and international cuisine.

I am looking forward to making you discover and explore French terroir with a twist!


This Moroccan dinner was delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish there was maybe a salad in place of one of the desserts, though the chocolate "Sand Roses" was absolutely amazing. In addition our lovely cook, Miss Lise Arlot, with her knowledge of Moroccan cuisine added to the experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would like experience it again. Thank you.
12 Oct 2016 See menu
By Joanna
She was not a professional chef but very entheusitic for food. We all feel that. Dried applicot and fluits made lamb tender and sweet. Two desserts was also excellent. For this £30 was a good value.
10 Oct 2016 See menu
By Tetsuro