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Tetsuro Hama

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Lovely guest and lovely owner of the house , amazing kitchen with all the equipment , really raccomandet !!
31 Jan 2017 See menu
By luca
29 Nov 2016 See menu
By Cocina
The perfect host Tetsuro and his friends are a) lovely and warm b) extremely passionate and knowledgeable about food c) understand the requirements of an in-house chef and let you get on with your tasks without interfering. ha, and at the end of the meal I was also offered a beautiful glass of German Reisling.
14 Nov 2016 See menu
By Marco
Very welcoming host to a terrific residence in London. I had the joy to cook for Mr. Hama and three of his friends. Clean and organized kitchen with all required appliances to create my meal. Parking was straight forward outside the building in a special guest space. Really enjoyed myself and made some new friends. Thank you for everything including your positive feedback, it means alot. Chef Michael
31 Oct 2016 See menu
By Michael
Tetsuro and his friends were excellent and hospitable hosts for the evening – which made my eHoChef experience a pleasure. Due to the timings required for my preparation, the host was most accommodating in allowing me to arrive well in advance of the meal being served. I was very grateful for the experience and opportunity to cook for Tetsuro, and would certainly not hesitate to do so again in the future.
31 Oct 2016 See menu
By Donald
Cooking for Tetsuro and his guests is the best possible way to start the Eho Chef experience! I'm particularly proud of having convinced the most "difficult" guest around the table with my tagine recipe.
11 Oct 2016 See menu
By Lise
Being hosted by Tetsuro, his daughter Nadiah and their guests was a wonderfully rewarding experience. Everything about the night was really enjoyable. The directions to get the apartment were clear and easy. Tetsuro and Nadiah were incredibly hospitable from the get go and all throughout. They are genuinely lovely people and their home is such a feel good warm environment. Their guests added extra character and warmth to the evening. I really can't express enough how wonderful the experience was, it was an absolute delight!.
03 Aug 2016 See menu
By Catherine
I had a little difficulty gaining access to the premises, but had allowed for that in my timings. The house keeper was very helpfull in showing me around and getting me settled. I found the host and his guest very welcoming, and it was rewarding to see them enjoying their evening.
10 Jun 2016 See menu
By Nigel
Thank you for the positive feedback I'm glad you and your guests enjoyed the night. Been a pleasure, thanks again. Csaba
01 Jun 2016 See menu
By Csaba
08 Aug 2016 See menu
By Khiet