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Csaba Kanczler
Modern European Hungarian

About me

I`m a Chef from Hungary! Highly passionate about food and dining experience. I studied in Hungary and also France. I moved to the UK in 2008 since than I have been given the opportunity to work with some of the gratest Chefs including Anton Edelmann, Anna Hansen. Currently I`m Head-Chef at The Jolly Gardeners. If any of my menu spark your interest and taste buds do not hesitate to contact me.


We asked if Chef Csaba could come and make us brunch. I mentioned that the dinner menu he was showing on the app would be great, even in the morning, but he suggested replacing the starter with asparagus, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce, and bacon dust. Wow. This was one brunch to remember. Chef Csaba brought orange juice and also made a jug of water with lemon and cucumber in it. Such a nice touch. The asparagus and eggs were delicious. His hollandaise sauce had just a touch of lemon - enough to make it feel really light. The main of chorizo-stuffed chicken tasted even better than in looks - the chicken literally melted in the mouth. Panacotta desert was also amazing. The presentation was great, Chef Csaba is a super friendly guy. I have to say, it felt incredible having a chef come to my kitchen and cook for me - what a super concept. The first thing I thought of when the meal was finished was which friends I would like to invite to a dinner party next time - this food and this idea is too good to keep to yourself!
10 Jun 2016 See menu
By Katsura Sunshine
Great chef! Everything was spot on. We had the restaurant quality at home!
03 Jun 2016 See menu
By Kenichi
Csaba is a very friendly, ex-rugby player! He offered a truly professional service. We enjoyed everything from starter to dessert but my particular favourite was the main. That chicken with chorizo was beautiful!
03 Jun 2016 See menu
By Khiet
It was very tasty dishes and we were impressed by their professional cooking style even in a private kitchen. The sounds and smell from the hot frying pan stimulate the appetite !!
31 May 2016 See menu
By Manabu Yamamoto
It was a great experience to have a personal chef. Csaba is very professional and friendly and his dishes were delicious. He made the experience extremely comfortably and tidied up beautifully after the meal. All in all, a great time was had!
30 May 2016 See menu
By Ryo obata
Csaba was excellent chef. He arrived nearly two hours before the dinner. All dishes were very well presented. The main dish Chorizo stuffed chicken ballotine was highly recommended. Everyone was very happy. He cleaned my kitchen cleaner than before he arrived. All in all this is very high value and I will ask him to cook again!
30 May 2016 See menu
By Tetsuro