Tetsuro Hama

An inveterate entrepreneur, Tetsuro has launched and grown many other thriving businesses, including two restaurants, a cooking school and JEMCA, the first Japanese-owned Toyota dealership in the UK. Tetsuro came to London from Japan in the 1970s, before the city's restaurant boom, and his first restaurant was only the sixth Japanese restaurant to launch in London. He's witnessed over four decades of changes in the catering industry, with the mushrooming of restaurants, and recently the desire for more intimate, individual dining experiences.


Khiet Le

A Vietnamese refugee to Japan, Khiet came to London for a degree in computer science at UCL. He has co-founded a number of websites including a dating website in Kazakhstan. While at HouseTrip in 2015, he met Tetsuro Hama and was inspired to join him on the eho chef adventure. Khiet enjoys all sorts of cuisine, but Vietnamese stays in his top spot.


Linda Wilkinson

Linda's background is as a Personal Assistant and therefore she is an administration whizz! She loves connecting with people so enjoys matching up our chefs and clients. Linda is a self-confessed 'throw it together' chef at home but really enjoys fine dining so is excited about the concept of eho chef. Her role includes chef and community relations, and client service.


Nadiah Sorait

Passionate about food, dance and all things beautiful, Nadiah is an enthusiastic and creative member of the eho chef team. Her experience spans across fashion, media, theatre and literature; as a writer/translator at times and as a performing artist at others. She believes that nourishing food and art calms and rejuvenates the mind and soul, and is committed to doing her part in growing the food-lover's community. Her role includes brand and marketing development, strategy and implementation.


Akitoshi Handa

An entrepreneur, Akitoshi is the managing director of U.K. based Publishing and PR firm A concept Ltd., assisting Japanese companies expand in the Europe, and unique Japanese take-away shops, Kano Udon, Shitamachi and Donburi, in the city. His background in copywriting and marketing has led to collaborations with businesses like WAGAMAMA with whom he was involved in the concept development. Akitoshi's ingenious creativity is fuelled by rice crackers and egg pudding but he vows to start eating fresh produce.


Takahiro Yoshida

Takahiro Yoshida has devoted his entire career to the development of commercial technology systems and services. Initially involved in the design of mission critical analogue radio circuits on behalf of a Japanese company specialising in radio transceiver technologies, he then went on to design audio digital circuitry and software for a number of global electronic companies within their respective Japanese based headquarters. He progressed into the design and support of IT infrastructure products and services and relocated to Europe where he led the EMEA division for a global communications carrier. During this time he specialised in the disciplines of corporate management and went on to establish a new international IT support services company. He has successfully concluded a number of business acquisitions and mergers and currently holds Directorships in companies that include Software Development, Quality Management Systems, Information Security and Global Network Services Supply and Support.


Manabu Yamamoto

In the mid 1980's Manabu Yamamoto began his engineering career with KDDI. During 1997 he was transferred to a KDDI overseas subsidiary company based in the United Kingdom. His technical and management skills did not go unnoticed and in 2002 he was approached by another System Integration company (Exlayer Ltd) and was invited to join them as a Board member in the capacity as Engineering Director. By 2009 he was promoted to Managing Director with a clear mission to guide the company from being a first class Systems Integration company into a global managed IT business solution provider. With his determined attention in growing the business and his commitment in assisting his customers to achieve their business ambitions, he went on to successfully conclude the company's acquisition by IIJ in 2012. He continues with his passion for driving the company to becoming recognised as the preferred partner for global managed IT services.