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Kensal Green, London, UK
13 Mar 2020 (Fri) at 19:00
25 Diners


(£8 / head)
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Grazing platter for birthday party

Right guys! This should be a super simple one for whoever it ends up with. I’m having my 30th birthday party in a private room at a bar and would like a grazing platter for around 25 people (search #grazingplatter on Instagram for inspiration or check out accounts like platteruphq). A mixture of cheeses, charcuterie, crackers, breads, dips and antipasti etc with some leafy garnishes. I would like you to bring the bulk of the food and I might be able to bring some extra bits to top up also (I work in the food industry so get takeaway perks!). I would like you to also plate everything onto the table at the venue but then you won’t need to stay for the rest of the night- it shouldn’t be a very long job and there’s not much cooking involved. You’ll need parchment paper to go across the base and definitely some creativity and artist flare! This should be super low labour for you. Go shopping, turn up with the ingredients and garnishes, style it all on the table and leave! I don’t expect the ingredients to be super expensive produce, as long as it tastes nice and looks beautiful!

It would be great if those applying for this would send some pics or their food insta with the request so that you can show off how good you are with styling food!

Have a look at the pics I’ve attached, obviously these aren’t an indication of portion, more just an example of grazing platter plating! You would of course be welcome to take as many photos of the platter as you want for your own personal promo use before you leave :)

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13 Mar 2020 (Fri) at 19:00
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25 Diners
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