Christmas Eve family d...
London W8, UK
24 Dec 2019 (Tue) at 15:00
10 Diners


(£70 / head)
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Christmas Eve family dinner

Hi there,
We’re looking for a private chef to cook a five course meal (including an appetizer and cleanser) for 10 adults on Christmas Eve in W8/London. There is one vegetarian, and one pescatarian within the group.

Ideally we would need someone to assist you to serve but I know it’s very last minute and I would be happy to do so myself if need be.

We have cutlery and crockery.

Look forward hearing back from you,


15 days ago
Dinner to be served at
24 Dec 2019 (Tue) at 15:00
Number of diners
10 Diners
Number of dishes to be served per person
3 Dishes
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(£70 / head)
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Asian British European French International Italian Japanese


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