30th Birthday Bespoke ...
London E9 7TB, UK
02 Nov 2019 (Sat) at 20:00
2 Diners


(£90 / head)
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30th Birthday Bespoke Dinner for 2

My Girlfriend's birthday- I'd like her 3 favourite meals cooked in a bespoke way (more info on agreement).

Main outline is:

-Starter: Potato Medley / Posh Chips
-Main: Dishoom style Daal & Okra Curry
-Dessert: 'Milk Bar' style 'Crack Pie'

9 months ago
Dinner to be served at
02 Nov 2019 (Sat) at 20:00
Number of diners
2 Diners
Number of dishes to be served per person
3 Dishes
Request budget


(£90 / head)
Serving Type
Service Level
Preferred cuisines
American Indian
Kitchen equipment
Electric grill Microwave Oven


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Hi Andrew. Happy to g...See more
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