Truffle feast (Summer light version)

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£49 per person
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We had really delicious dishes! The chef explained the ingredients to us, and told us all about Truffles! It was a great experience. If you are Truffle Lover, I definitely recommend him!!
14 Nov 2016
By Rie
Marco is really enthusiastic and passionate about food. One by one he explain the detail of each dishes and was superbly made. He specially bought and brought truffles, white one from Alba and black one from other. Each dishes were with full of truffles and wonderfully delicious. Truffles itselfs worth over £200 in the market. So this dinner is tremendously good value for money as well. This is sheer luxury any yet affordable! We have a selection of very fine wines which costs us one third of restaurant price. Having private chef is such a endulge and once try this you understand this is an irresistible alternative to eating out. Thank you Marco all in all it was truly wonderful experience!
14 Nov 2016
By Ted
I'll never forget this Truffle night! The course was designed to let you enjoy the Truffle - black and the more luxurious white, and I felt very lucky to be on the table. Presentation was very well-done with detailed descriptions for each dish. Marco is a friendly and passionate guy. I would recommend to grab this affordable luxury while his stock lasts!
14 Nov 2016
By Khiet
What a fantastic night! Theme of the night was Truffle. Entire room was filled with flavour. Chef's commentary was clear and mouth watering. Presentation of dishes were descent and appropriate. Biggest surprise was cost. It's genuine value for money.
14 Nov 2016
By Katsumi
I've never thought I could have Truffle at home. I'm very satisfied that all dishes were full of Truffle. Especially white one smelled so nice and had wonderful flavour. I had a great time and recommend him to everyone who want to have gorgeous moment at home!
15 Nov 2016
By Nami
You don't need to go to Italy to have real truffles, just ask Marco. Every dish he cooked was amazingly delicious with full of truffle flavor. It's really worth for money. Not only his cooking, but I was impressed with his service; he served dishes at the right timing, cooked simple tomato pasta for two 2-year children upon request, and friendlily talk to us about truffles. I definitely recommend him.
02 Dec 2016
By Daisuke
Exellent! Nice dish, passionate service.Especially white triffle is amazing!!!
18 Dec 2016
By Kosuke
Marco cooked a superb 4 course Black & Truffle meal for 6 in my kitchen. Incredible value for money, all 4 dishes were impeccably executed to the highest standard, they were all absolutely stunning. Simple food with fine raw materials, you will never get bored with the authentic Italian! He was very systematic in the kitchen, served professionally and beautifully, washed and cleaned all plates and pots after the meal and left the kitchen cleaner than before. Looking forward to his next menu, Sardinian.
20 Dec 2016
By Akemi
Marco was excellent! Professional, courteous, neat, and a fantastic chef. We booked him for him for a dinner party, and our guests really enjoyed the whole experience. Marco explained each course before it was served, and the source of the truffle. Plenty of food and everyone was plenty full without being overly stuffed. Just delightful. We'll be using this site again, and probably Marco too!
14 Jan 2017
By Sarah
Marco was very energetic and enthusiastic and was at ease cooking in a stranger's kitchen. The food was great and good value for money. I was very pleased with the evening and so were my guests. Positive experience all round.
27 Jun 2017
By Charlotte
I hired Marco to cook for a very casual evening with friends and he was superb in explaining all the different dishes, in answering any questions and also in making sure the atmosphere stayed relaxed and friendly! Before the night Marco was very prompt in responding and made sure that everything would be prepared for the evening. Above all, Marco catered for multiple diets including vegan and produced wonderful food!
03 Aug 2017
By Satbir
We're really glad we booked Marco for our baby shower at the weekend. He quickly got to work in my very tiny and not very well equipped kitchen, allowing us girls to do presents and chat baby. The food was all excellent, with Marco explaining each course. The girls were keen to ask questions about the recipe and Marco was always happy to oblige. As Marco left the dinner party we were all incredibly full and the kitchen was clean. What a great way to host a stress-free dinner party with excellent food. Thank you Marco.
24 Oct 2017
By Laura