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£37 per person
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Donald is passionate about food. Though he said it is the first time doing this type of occasion, he did it very well. It was a bit of pressure for him as fridge was small and few guests were arriving late. The main, roast chicken ballotine, stuffed with mushrooms and wrapped in prosciutto was great but pity it was not very hot. I am sure with few more experience and without pressure, he will be a great eHo chef.
31 Oct 2016
By Ted
What a fab evening. Donald and his wife worked so hard for over 5 hours to provide us with a delicious meal in the comfort of our holiday home. The food was gorgeous. We couldn't fault it!!
04 Dec 2016
By Amy
Don was relaxed and confident in our kitchen and we had a fantastic evening. The food was all delicious and beautifully presented. It was great to have restaurant quality food in the comfort of our own home
08 Dec 2016
By Spuggie
Better than we could have imagined! Beautiful presentation Fantastic flavours
25 Feb 2017
By Fiona
Donald is a great chef and the food was fantastic. Highly recommended!
24 Aug 2017
By Rob
Donald put together a fantastic meal for us, he was very accommodating in terms of menu and on the night both Donald and his wife worked very hard to make sure not only was the food delicious but the clean up and service excellent! We were in a holiday rental and he worked very well with the extra challenges of a smaller than anticipated space and the host being unfamiliar with the kitchen. Donald was helpful and polite, the food was restaurant quality and enjoyed by all, we would highly recommend his services!
23 Oct 2017
By Sasha
We had a great evening! Donald was friendly, chatty and helpful. He coped really well with the tiny kitchen in our rented holiday home and the food was amazing! Really delicious and good portion sizes (especially the mash - my favourite!!). I can't recommend Donald and EHO Chef highly enough - would definitely use them again. Thank you!
16 Oct 2018
By Natalie