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A taste of Sicily

Coming from southern Italy, specifically Sicily, I'd like to include all my favourite recipes with great ingredients creating a mouthwatering, delicious and simply heart-warming experience.

You may have all the courses, or pick and choose.

Every ingredient is carefully chosen among the best producers in Sicily and Italy.

Panelle - chickpea fritters (typical of Palermo), a dash of lemon juice and a homemade green peppercorn mayo dip

Pane cunzato - sourdough bread chunks with olives, Caciocavallo (semihard cheese from Ragusa) and sundried tomatoes

Busiate pomodoro, menta e bianchetti - busiate pasta (fresh pasta from Trapani) with a refreshing tomato sauce with mint and a hint of garlic, accompanied by crispy whitebait

Tonno, melograno e aceto balsamico - cubes of raw tuna with pomegranate and balsamic vinegar

Sarde a beccafico ed insalata di arance e finocchio - sardines with pinenuts and raisins and a refreshing orange and fennel salad

Agnello alla Saracena - marinated lamb (Saracens recipe) with shallots, rosemary and roasted potatoes with thyme and oregano

Cestini di meringa con crema pasticcera e frutta caramellata - meringue baskets with vanilla pastry cream and caramelised fruits (seasonal)

Macedonia di frutta e cubàita - seasonal fruit macedonia with a simple lemony syrup and crunchy cubàita (flat bars of caramelised honey and sesame)