Seafood Paradise

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By Lina Lin (See profile)
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Response time: under one hour
Response rate: 100%
£30 per person
(Minimum 6 guests)

The chef will typically arrive 3 hours before.

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I did not expect so beautifully presented tasty dishes for the cost! Each dish was unique and carefully prepared. I was impressed with the amount of work she was doing to make us feel special. We enjoyed every food but the pudding was bliss! She even kindly taught us how to make it! She left the kitchen spotless, actually cleaner than before. She is versatile so I recommend her to anyone for both casual and special occasion. Thank you, Lina!
12 Apr 2018
By Yuki
Delicious food (just the right amount of heat in each dish) served beautifully. Lina was also great company explaining elements of the dishes throughout our experience. Book her soon as she'll be going home to Singapore next year!!
05 Apr 2018
By Linda