Mediterranean Dining

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By Elia Carulla (See profile)
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Response rate: 91%
£39 per person
(Minimum 6 guests)

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Great menu, lots of flavour. Elia is super efficient - the kitchen is Cleaner than when she arrived! We had a great dinner - highly recommended Thanks.
06 Mar 2018
By Kannan
Exceptional. As a co-host I was very impressed with Elia's organizational and communication skills, which was a delightful bonus on top of her phenomenal cooking. Her passion for cooking and making people happy shined through and made the dinner so much more than just a delicious dinner. I highly recommend her and would very much like to book her again.
06 Mar 2018
By Nasora
Elia is very efficient and talented. Presentation and taste is superb. She deliver far more than our expectation. Exceptional value for money.
07 Mar 2018
By Ted
Each dishes are beautifully presented to the eyes and delicious to the mouths. As she served generous portion for everyone, by the end of the dinner, our stomachs were really full! Still we could taste her elegant dessert. She is professional, diligent and at the same time very friendly. The atmosphere was just the best one for home party. Thank you, Elia and I hope to enjoy your food again!
07 Mar 2018
By Audrey
She was very lovely and friendly chef also has a great passion on her cooking! All foods were amazing also she cook extra in case its not enough. Such a thoughtful service! We had a great night with her cooking :)
06 Apr 2018
By Rie
Elia was absolutely amazing! We hired Elia to help celebrate my parents anniversary and were not disappointed. The food was absolutely delicious and she was incredibly efficient, friendly and wonderful throughout. Would most definitely recommend and look to have her again! Thank you so much for joining us.
25 Aug 2018
By Siobhan