A night in Bologna

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By Elia Carulla (See profile)
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Response time: under one hour
Response rate: 95%
£40 per person
(Minimum 6 guests)

This chef will typically arrive 2 hours before your desired dining time.

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Elia is excellent, highly recommended.
03 Jun 2019
By Ellen
We could not be more pleased about our booking. Elia’s dinner was delicious: the truffle raviolis were bursting with flavours, the melt-in-the-mouth slow-cooked beef main course was excellent and we chose tiramisu for dessert, which was perfect. Elia was professional, super helpful, with a big friendly smile throughout the evening. She tidied everything up afterwards, leaving the kitchen pristine and making us wish she could be here every day! Definitely recommend.
20 Jan 2019
By Pascale