Bespoke Menu

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By Richard Gibbs (See profile)
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Response time: under one hour
Response rate: 95%
£100 per person
(Minimum 2 guests)

This chef will typically arrive 2 hours before your desired dining time.

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I booked Richard to cook a three course meal for my two good friends, who have a baby. They both absolutely loved the evening and thought the gift was extremely thoughtful. The food was delicious, Richard was fantastic and the entire experience is highly recommended. Thank you.
14 Jan 2018
By Oliver
Richard had a huge part in a very successful, fun dinner party. He was flexible with the menu (before and on the day itself), arrived promptly and showed tremendous flexibility to allow for some guests running late. As for the food itself, the menu was creative, dishes beautifully presented and simply delicious.
29 Dec 2017
By Rakesh