Romantic dinner.

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£99 per person
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Robert was meticulous in his preparation and the delivery of the meal. It really was a dining out at home experience. Would not hesitate to ask Robert to cook for us again - it was all delicious and his monkfish dish, simple but delivered exceptional flavour... Robert is also a really nice guy and put us both at ease with what was a new experience for us...
23 Jan 2018
By Neil
I cannot recommend Robert enough. I agreed a wonderful menu with him for my wife's birthday - a romantic candlelit dinner for two. My wife (Dawn) was ready to go out with me for dinner to celebrate her birthday, then Robert arrived and I informed Dawn that I'd changed my mind and we would stay in for the evening. To say she was surprised is an understatement, and before she knew it, Robert was busy in our kitchen cooking for us. The cuisine was exquisite: each course was absolutely wonderful. Dawn and I love fine food, and fine food is exactly what Robert provided. We were astonished how he achieved an extraordinary gastronomic experience with relatively few ingredients - ingredients we were familiar with, but because of his insistence on best quality fresh organic foods, and of course his skill in preparing and combining them, it felt as if we were tasting them properly for the very first time. The food was beautifully presented, and the portions were generous. Robert was excellent company, courteous and friendly, and we thoroughly enjoyed watching him in action in our kitchen, hoping to improve our own cooking! Book Robert Tarczy for your own private dinner - you won't be disappointed. - Andrew and Dawn
15 Dec 2017
By Andrew