Mediterranean style meal

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By Ashley Siedentopf (See profile)
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Response time: 7 hours
Response rate: 86%
£85 per person
(Minimum 4 guests)

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Excellent. Vey attentive to health and high skill to liaise with the guests. I already booked her for another occasion and am likely to be a repeater.
15 Sep 2016
By Shinichi
An absolute delight! Both the food and the chef. Ashley prepared a wonderful healthy, fresh and delicious meal! The starter salad was a delectable combination of crunchy, sweet, salty and fresh. It was the perfect introduction into what Ashley is all about! Everything was so fresh and flavorsome! Which brings me to the chicken! It was so well marinated and cooked to perfection! So tender and scrumptious! Dessert was just as wonderful, the combination of fresh berries, passion fruit and ginger biscuits with greek yoghurt was heaven! Ashley was so graciously attentive to our needs and making sure we were enjoying everything all evening. Her presence really added to the pleasure of the evening!
15 Sep 2016
By Catherine
I absolutely enjoyed the evening with Ashely's fantastic food and a great company. Her dishes were all beautifully presented, colourful, wholesome and very delicious! My favourite was the main chicken dish, tender and full of flavour. The chef was friendly and made sure all of us were happy. I would definitely recommend Ashely.
29 Sep 2016
By Kumiko