Pitmaster feast

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By Adrian Serrano (See profile)
(4 reviews)
Response time: 3 hours
Response rate: 90%
£50 £35 per person
(Minimum 6 guests)

This chef will typically arrive 3 hours before your desired dining time.

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It was a pleasing experience to sit, relaxed and chat with friends while friendly and vigorous chef was serving delicious food for us. Meat-lovers cannot resist his dishes! Thank you, Adrian!
29 Nov 2018
By Audrey
Adrian is a good friendly chef. He arrives well in advance and cooked a wonderful meal for us. Meat is tender and nice but taste is a bit sweet and strong for some of us.
29 Nov 2018
By Ted
Adrian's 24hours slow-cooked beef was amazing.
29 Nov 2018
By Izumi
Thank you for the juicy meaty experience!
29 Nov 2018
By Moé