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Response rate: 94%
£69 per person
(Minimum 8 guests)

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Akemi cooked us exquisite Japanese dinner. One of the guests could not each raw fish and she cooked him some alternative dish. She made two trips between her home and my flat to perfect her cooking. Very professional.
03 Oct 2016
By Shinichi
Akemi's dishes, cooking, and persona were perfect. The food was incredible and certainly not something I could ever imagine making! One of the best experiences ever!!!
20 Nov 2016
By Rose
Akemi was fantastic! never experienced this before but it was so easy and we were able to host our friends and create an amazing atmosphere without having to think about cooking or cleaning. The food was exquisite! I have never in my life tried sushi quite like this or miso soup so professionally put together. Everything Akemi made was fresh and handmade which heightened the flavours to extraordinary levels. At the beginning Akemi kept up with comms to make sure I had certain utensils but she brought so many items with her so there was no worries of what I had in my tiny kitchen. I would highly recommend Akemi for any sized home and for a true authentic Japanese cuisine. Thanks for a unforgettable evening.
21 Nov 2016
By Chris
Michelin star food + Michelin star people. Amazing night and Thank you eHo chef for a brilliant evening.
20 Apr 2017
By Meghan