Sushi Delight

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By Yasuhiro Komatsu (See profile)
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Response time: 7 hours
Response rate: 100%
£45 per person
(Minimum 6 guests)

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Thank you Yasuhiro. We had a fantastic time! Very organized, stress free, beautiful presentation, so tasty, he even cleaned and tidy up in a true professional manner. Guest were all very happy, of course, which I was most pleased. I will definitely recommend him to anybody who would like to have a fantastic Sushi feast. Thank you!!
27 Jul 2016
By Noriko
27 Jul 2016
By haruhisa
27 Jul 2016
By Naoko
Yasuhiro was excellent and the food was absolutely delicious - extremely high quality and beautifully prepared. I would highly recommend Yasuhiro to anyone! Thank you
14 Aug 2017
By Emily
Yasu was a really great Chef and made our evening birthday party really enjoyable. Food was simply delicious from the beginning to the end. Sushis were simply outstanding, made directly in the kitchen and the skewers simply delicious. We are already thinking about when next to have Yasu coming
20 May 2018
By Olivier