Sushi Delight

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By Yasuhiro Komatsu (See profile)
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Response time: 8 hours
Response rate: 100%
£30 per person
(Minimum 8 guests)

The chef will typically arrive 1.5 hours before.

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Thank you Yasuhiro. We had a fantastic time! Very organized, stress free, beautiful presentation, so tasty, he even cleaned and tidy up in a true professional manner. Guest were all very happy, of course, which I was most pleased. I will definitely recommend him to anybody who would like to have a fantastic Sushi feast. Thank you!!
27 Jul 2016
By Noriko
27 Jul 2016
By haruhisa
27 Jul 2016
By Naoko
Yasuhiro was excellent and the food was absolutely delicious - extremely high quality and beautifully prepared. I would highly recommend Yasuhiro to anyone! Thank you
14 Aug 2017
By Emily