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By Patrycja Zmuda (See profile)
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Response time: under one hour
Response rate: 83%
£35 per person
(Minimum 4 guests)

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Pat is a lovely lady with a lot of warm smiles. The food was beautifully presented, delicious with a twist, filling and very healthy! I would recommend her to anyone that is health-conscious. I really enjoyed it!
24 Jan 2018
By Yuki
I enjoyed both Pati's food and her company. Every dish was presented well and was both tasty and healthy!
24 Jan 2018
By Linda
An excellent meal that was thoroughly enjoyed, everyone at the table was satisfied and diets accommodated. The dishes were well presented and delicious. I would definitely recommend Patrycja.
07 Feb 2018
By Jamie
Pati's food was delicious and a fantastic treat. Highly recommended and I will most certainly book with Pati again.
07 Feb 2018
By Zita