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Tropicalia Cuisine

Tropicalia Cuisine is to use fresh vegetable, fruits, and fish with herbs and spices, as well as to create an eclectic blend of tastes and textures influenced by ingredients and cooking techniques from Africa, Caribbean, Brazil.
I am offering a wave of tropical dishes from Brazil, Caribbean and Africa, perfect for private parties, BBQ and private functions. My flavors are a fusion of Brazilian, Africa and Caribbean Cuisine with a touch of European influence.


Homemade nachos made with tortilla
Served with melted cheese & Jalapenos.

Buffalo Wings served with celery sticks &
Blue cheese dressing.

Brazilian Coxinha - delightful ball of chicken that have been shaped into a drumstick, available with Beef & Beans.

Empanadas de carne – flaky baked pie cooked with a spicy beef filling. Available with chicken &

Stir Fried & Peppers Squid with Red Chilli& Sring Oninos .

Spicy Chicken Goujons Penned with Brazilian Cous Cous.

Fish Croquettes served with Tropical Salad

Chipotle Prawn Tacos with Avocado Salsa
seafood-filled soft taco with a Mexican-style salsa verde.

Grilled Jamaican spice Jerk Chicken cooked with a mild jerk sauce. There is version available with Pork, Fish, tiger Prawn, Lamb, Sausages and Beef. Served with salad or chips

Fsh, seafood,are stewed in diced tomatoes, onions and coriander.
Hearty stew of black beans, sausages and cuts of pork of varying quality – traditionally veering towards the lower end, with trotters, and ears all going into the mix.

Calulu of Dried Meat
African Dish stew made of dried or fresh fish and cooked in hot chilli red palm oil with courgettes and sweet potatoes and spinach.

West Africa Chicken casserole cooked
With Rice & palm oil & Chili, Very
Comforting & delicious veggie
With a rich tomato sauce
Garnished with basil leaves

Strawberry and vanilla cheese cake Perfect dessert with a light & creamy

Brazilian Strawberry and Chocolate Trifle

Passion Fruit Mousse (Mousse de Maracujá)

Tropical fruit Salad