Lettuce Tacos, 'Pizza' & Raw Cheesecake

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£75 per person
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I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Food was excellent, I just wish there was one more dish, for me that was a perfect lunch, for a special dinner I would have enjoyed one more substantial dish. Fish would be perfect, understanding that it was vegetarian meal, one more dish of cooked vegetables would be great, just a little bit more variety. Saying that the dinner was delightful. Also the chefs were an excellent company and a wonderful addition to the whole experience. Thank you.
18 Jul 2016
By Joanna
We enjoyed the lovely vegetarian dishes and the private chef experience. The dishes were all fresh, tasty and colourful, and the chef and her assistant were very friendly and well-presented. Thank you Catherine for the amazing dinner!
18 Jul 2016
By Khiet
Beautifully presented gorgeous food! It was wholesome, comforting and really nourishing and left me completely content, not bloating. Catherine arrived with her sister Emma, with bags of organic ingredients and an array of vibrant mixtures glowing with health, her special sauces that completed her recipes. I think one of my most exciting moments was her non-dairy "parmesan" sprinkled on the pizza. I think they may be better than the real thing! Really creative. And the chocolate bars were divine... prettily adorned with fruit and nuts, light, chewy, crunchy... a perfect dinner desert. I'm not a vegetarian but this menu was fulfilling non-the-less. I felt the care and thought that went into creating the recipes and the love she folded in whilst preparing. All in all, an amazing experience! One last comment as a co-host to this dinner party; Catherine arrived well prepared and right on time, she was more than happy to accommodate our dinner being pushed late (one guest arrived an hour late), and she left the kitchen looking just like it had when she arrived. Also, Catherine and Emma were really lovely to talk to- a great bonus!
19 Jul 2016
By Nadiah
Very friendly and pleasant chef. She could create nice and happy party atmosphere. Food she prepared were vegetarian meals. Healthy but well presented. Perhaps, if you need a little more, you need to talk about with her before your party. Over all I was happy with her and her food. Thank you very much.
03 Sep 2016
By Ciao
Catherine and her sister, Emma, are fabulous. Really delicious recipes and I would recommend them without hesitation to make your dinner parties both fun, interesting and yummy! A pleasure.
23 Sep 2016
By Kannan