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Italian Bread Crust Sea Food Menu

An Italian seafood menu for groups or families who want to spend an excellent time around the table to discover a new way to taste fish and seafood from the best markets in London.

This menu has been designed with easy ingredients which are combined and cooked in a really original way to unchain their great taste. It can be made without gluten or adjusting some details for particular needs.

Smoked Salmon and Courgette Rolls:
steamed sliced ​​courgettes rolled with smoked salmon and oven cooked with crumbled pistachios

Linguine with seafood in Bread Crust:
spaghetti-like pasta (linguine) with mussels, prawns, clams, and squids cooked in the pan and then in the oven inside terracotta covered with bread crust

Limoncello Tiramisu':
Ladyfingers flavoured with a delicate limoncello bathing that gives a special aroma even to the mascarpone cream