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The Eighth Wonder

An eight course menu of dishes from across the globe. I have served this menu to a group of 24 friends ... it was kind of fast moving and lots of fun. The menu is made up of a diverse selection of international dishes made from simple, fresh and flavoursome ingredients.

Cheddar, marmite and chilli flakes toastie filled with rocket
Pan-fried chorizo, onion, potato and egg yolk on toasted brioche
Fresh pesto made with basil, garlic, roasted pine nuts, virgin olive oil and lemon juice on toasted focaccia.

Cambodian amok monkfish curry soup served with jasmine rice.

Pasta Aglio e Olio
The signature dish from the film 'Chef'.
Bucatini pasta tossed in extra virgin olive oil and garlic, parsley, lemon and chilli flakes.

Clementine and olive oil sorbet.

Yellowfin tuna sashimi that has been marinated in oyster sauce, miso and soy, served on ripened avocado and chilli flake mash with a dot of wasabi on the side.

Pork escalope Wiener schnitzel with warm potato salad.

Marmalade on toast ice cream with a brioche waffle and sugared dust.

Comte . Yarg . Brie
Served with salted apple, fresh figs, roasted almonds, water biscuits and pickles.