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£90 per person
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Luca is from the Blue Zone in Sardinia. My guests and I are in a longevity research or business field and very much enjoyed talking to him, seeing him cook with unique local ingredients and of course tasting food. I will book him again.
10 Nov 2018
By Shinichi
Every mouthful of the Porto Cervo menu was delicious, and thankfully Chef Luca Camboni had anticipated avid appetites when calculating portion sizes. Most enchanting was being transported to Sardinia for an evening through the flavours, the stories behind the artisanal food and wine produces not usually available in London and through the commentaries on the history of Sardinia woven in the dishes' descriptions. I look forward to being transported there again...
01 Feb 2017
By Sylvie Gagnot
Luca was a fantastic chef, I just felt we were in Italy. He presented his food very well and it tasted as good as it looked. I would definitely would recommend him to everyone.
01 Feb 2017
By Miguel