Winter Warmer

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By Tim Shenbanjo (See profile)
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Response time: 3 hours
Response rate: 98%
£60 per person
(Minimum 4 guests)

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We had the most fantastic time with Tim. The food was sensational and he made sure that we all had the best evening. It was a meal the evening before a wedding and Tim ensured the bride felt very special, adding additional decorations to the meal to meet the 'wedding' theme. Tim was so professional and proved to be outstanding value for money. I have no doubt about booking him again and I cannot wait to try his other menus. Thank you so much, Tim! You were brilliant. Stephen, Emma and Dan
05 Aug 2017
By Stephen MItchell
Really nice and friendly Guy. Great food and well presented. We all had a great evening.
21 Aug 2017
By Tina
I was lucky to be invited to a dinner party where Tim was cooking. Lovely food and company, and Tim struck a great balance between being friendly and attentive, and not being intrusive. Particularly enjoyed the duck.
23 Aug 2017
By Gareth
We had such a wonderful , relaxed evening - food was amazing as well as the service. We loved it and would definitely use it again - what a great idea!
23 Aug 2017
By Margaret
Excellent food, beautifully prepared. Top quality restaurant standard. Tim was very friendly describing each dish as it was served. I noticed also that left the kitchen exactly as he had found it so no extra work for our hosts. A very good concept that I am keen to try again.
29 Aug 2017
By David
An excellent experience. Tasty food, quality service. A top restaurant in your own living room! Tim was great, Tim's food was great. Hire him.
25 Sep 2017
By Robin
We invited Tim to my parents new home to christen the new kitchen with a real chef. We chose the Winter Warmer menu, but it was a hard choice as Tim offers some great menus. With his prepared sauces, he added the level of flavours you expect from a top-rated restaurant, all in our me home. He finishes this menu with Red wine poached pear and spice poached peach, vanilla creme anglaise and pear couli, and this is divine. My only regret is that I never noticed Tim had more creme anglaise in the mixing bowl before is washed it up. Very professional chef and worked very hard to make our house warming very special. Thank you Tim.
20 Jan 2018
By Stuart