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Nasi Pandan & Chicken Rendang

A typical Malaysian celebration meal with explosion of flavours that served in every Malaysian house hold for a special celebration such as weddings and Eid.

-Fragranced rice cooked in pandan juice (screw pine leaves) and coconut milk served with
- Chicken Rendang (Chicken cooked with South East Asian herbs and spices and roasted coconut)
- Sambal udang (King prawns cooked in chilli paste)
- Pajeri Nenas (Pineapple salad infused with asian and herbs)
- Keropok ( fish crackers )
- Condiments ( Roasted Peanuts and deep fried anchovies )

Satay Kajang ( chargrilled chicken skewers marinated in fresh turmeric and spices) Served with peanut sauce

Nasi Pandan & Rendang Chicken

Passion Fruit Tart served with lychee, rose and vodka ice cream