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Battle Of The Curries

This Menu is amplifying three curries I cooked during my time at the Blue Elefant Restaurant in Bangkok and the Angsana in Lang Co Vietnam. It is for a minimum of 8 guests and the fingerfood starters as well as the curries are served on the table. This is an ideal Dinner for those who want to gather with friends and like to share dishes from large bowls on the table. The Menu can slightly differ depending on availability of fresh ingredients as well as your preferences. Involves deep frying.

Thai Fish Cakes with Pineapple sauce /
Crispy Golden Bags with Prawn and Chicken /
Cha Gio - Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls

Banana Flower Salad with Prawns

Kaeng Phed Ped Yaang - Red Curry with Roast Duck /
Kua Kling Nua - Spicy Southern Minced Beef with Yellow Curry /
Kaeng Massaman Kai - Massaman Curry with Chicken

Sticky Rice Pudding with Fresh Mango