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eho chef will shop, cook, serve and clean. Once your booking is secured with a deposit, your eho chef will
contact you to discuss dietary requirements, cooking appliances, schedule of the day... anything and everything.
You can forget about the food until the day, eho chef will make sure your experience is special and delightful.
Guaranteed full reimbursement
if you are unhappy with your experience
Free cancellation up to
120 hours before event
Insurance scheme in place
for your safety and peace of mind


Over 95% of our customers rate our service 4 or 5 stars.
The best course menu I've had for many years! Michael welcomed us with a lovely appetizer and a surprising selection of handmade breads - in fact, there were full of surprises throughout the night. The starter soup was very original, and I loved the Hake for the main. The decorations were all beautiful and creative, and I felt it was a bit of a shame we didn't have any ladies on the table to impress! Michael was very professional, enthusiastic about cooking and cooking for the guests. The whole presentation was just perfect, including the clean-up - it was a joy to watch. Sorry I can't give you more than 5 stars!
17 Oct 2016 See menu
By Paul
Nigel did a fantastic job ! The lamb was nice and I loved the dessert,too. All you need is a bottle of wine. Don't need to do any preparation and washing up after the dinner. I like the idea of "Restaurant quality at home" !!
14 Jun 2016 See menu
By Yu
Very professional, lovely dinner. Thanks again!
30 Nov 2017 See menu
By Julie
His dishes comes from the origin of Sicily and tastes wonderful! Parmigiana Siciliana's aubergines are nicely cooked, just as I like them, not too soft. Also, I must mention about his Tiramisu !! Even though I was quite full however, I couldn't stop eating it. I'd like to try his another dishes too.
10 Nov 2017 See menu
By Yu