Let your children experience new tastes
    without worrying about disturbing the couple dining next to you.


    Delicious Barbeque / outdoors party on your patio.


    Too fragile to go out? ehochef has a selection to marvel any experienced diner!



eho chef will shop, cook, serve and clean. Once your booking is secured with the payment, your eho chef will
contact you to discuss dietary requirements, cooking appliances, schedule of the day... anything and everything.
You can forget about the food until the day, eho chef will make sure your experience is special and delightful.
Guaranteed full reimbursement
if you are unhappy with your experience
Free cancellation up to
120 hours before event
Insurance scheme in place
for your safety and peace of mind


Over 95% of our customers rate our service 4 or 5 stars.
Catherine and her sister, Emma, are fabulous. Really delicious recipes and I would recommend them without hesitation to make your dinner parties both fun, interesting and yummy! A pleasure.
23 Sep 2016 See menu
By Kannan
Philippe and his assistant were very meticulous and professional from start to finish. They prepared all the foods and table setting carefully so that we could feel the luxury of elegant restaurant even if the table was too small for all of us! All the dishes were buautifully presented and mouth-watering tasty. It is a shame that we totally forgot to take photos because we devoured them in an instant! The home made Petit Four was sheer bliss! I would highly recommend his services to anyone who would like fine dining at home!
14 Nov 2017 See menu
By Yulia
Tim cooked a vegan, 3 course dinner, for myself and 3 friends last night and he and his food were amazing! I cannot recommend Tim enough, he lovely and polite, easy going, totally prepared and an incredible cook. We were completely blown away with his food. All of us around the table agreed it was going to happen again…and we are going to spread the word because EVERYONE needs to experience Tim's beautiful food!
10 Feb 2018 See menu
By Jo
Tim is a lovely man before we compliment his culinary master skills. Tim was an absolute star, literally. We were doing some filming and Tim was the chef for the couple we were filming. He was great on camera. The food was exquisite and we were all blown away by it all. Tim spent time tailoring the meal options to what we wanted and created a fantastic menu. The flavours were authentic and very creative as they had Tim's own twist to them. All the crew, cast and even the tasters from the taster day we had were impressed and embraced Tim's warmth. Non of us can recommend him enough. He cleaned up after the meal and left it all spotless.
27 Feb 2018 See menu
By osman