Who is the trickiest person to buy for?

09 Nov 2018 (Fri)

How many people are on your list for buying gifts this Christmas? Do you have birthdays to buy for over the holiday season too? Are there grandparents you buy for that 'have everything' and insist you don't spend your money on them? Do you have a tradition to buy gifts for a specific value, or a 'Secret Santa' group within your family, friends or work colleagues?

Gift-buying seems to become stressful the longer you leave it! Or do you buy gifts in advance and then forget where that 'safe place' is? If you're looking for some inspiration, read on...

The really useful gifts
* For the people who love their music, here's a great hat for them to keep happy as well as warm in the winter months.
* If you know the hobby or passion of your gift recipient, a magazine subscription will be a gift that will have them thanking you all year long!
* Personalised cushions are available from online stores and are ideal for any photographs - a pet, children/grand-children, a favourite place or even a funny slogan or a positive sentiment.

Novelty low priced gifts
* For gin-lovers you can get all sorts of flavours, but also novelty gifts and games such as this one we found: Gin Ping Pong.
* Socks are generally a "naff" gift, but these flip flop socks are rather frivolous and fun!
* Chocolate is always a winner and so much to choose from, but for the tabasco sauce lover, how's about this for a change!

Gifts with the "WOW" factor
* A Fortnum and Mason hamper is such a treat and there are so many  variations to choose from including this Cheese Board Hamper.
* Gift vouchers are available for all types of adventures and experiences; e.g. Red Letter Days.
* How about an eho chef voucher for a 'chef's table' dining experience in their own home, or offer to host an eho chef meal for them at your home perhaps?

Do let us know if we've inspired you or if you have any different fabulous/unique ideas - we'd love to hear from you.  You can drop us an email at foodies@ehochef.com,  tag us on Instagram (@ehochef) or put a post on Facebook.

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