What the food industry will look like in 2018

05 Feb 2018 (Mon)

At eho ehef we are passionate about all things food…it's why we created our nifty little platform that allows residents of London and the surrounding areas to hire some truly fantastic chefs for private dinner parties. Offering affordable and luxury choices which gives diners the option of trying some truly wonderful creations. But, what is on the menu this year? And more broadly, what are the food trends to watch as we move into 2018? Don't worry we've got you covered!

1. Mindfulness
Today’s buzz word is more than just a trendy hashtag, mindfulness in eating is actually becoming a sentiment that is being incorporated into every aspect of food consumption. Led largely by the millennial generation who we at eho chef are exceptionally proud to work with, it sees a new consumer who wants to understand more about the origin of their food. No longer can ingredient lists be as long as your arm with a series of indecipherable acronyms, instead consumers want simple and clear listings that allow them to understand precisely what they are putting into their bodies.
At eho chef we think this is a fantastic movement forward and one which we are proud to include in all of our packages. When you order any of our fantastic menus from one of our talented chefs you are able to, quite literally, watch them cook and see precisely what they put in your food. Mindfulness in action.

2. Veganism
Last month, we at eho chef dedicated a blog to “veganuary”  - a month where many choose to stick to a Vegan diet. However, more and more people are viewing veganism as far more than a way of overcoming the Christmas bulge. Veganism as a viable lifestyle choice is being viewed as increasingly attractive, with meat sales down significantly whilst the market for meat substitutes continues to rise - with an expected worth of £309.5 million by 2018, an increase of 6% on 2017. In truth, analysts believe the turn towards vegan products has less to do with animal welfare and more to do with health concerns. However, whatever your reason, if you are one of those turning vegan then never fear - at eho chef we have a number of fantastic vegan menus for fine dining experiences in your own home.

3. Protein
Protein is becoming another buzz word in the food industry. Previously used primarily for those looking to bulk up, it's now seen as a fantastic source of amino acids that can help support a strong and healthy body. Aimed more and more at women there are even talks of protein-infused popcorn and a range of other protein products that will be aimed specifically at women. Expect to see a lot more of these on your shelf as we move into 2018.

4. Restaurant cuisine
At a restaurant level, expect to see a fair amount of Modern Indian cuisine with new restaurants like Gunpowder in London and Badshah in New York already making considerable waves. This goes alongside a growing admiration for Portuguese and Mexican food.  Not only that, but whilst gluten intolerance may have, temporarily, made bread unfashionable, it is now back with a bang. Expect to see rustic slabs of sourdough and artisanal breads at restaurants near you. Of course, if you would like to try any of these new and innovative trends from the comfort of your own home feel free to check out the eho chef website for some of our fantastic menus.

5. Healthy Breakfasts
With hectic work days limiting how long individuals can spend on their lunch break, healthy breakfasts are becoming ever more of a pull in this day and age. Gone are the days of a croissant or cereal bar on the go - now people want to spend time on eating something nutritious and balanced that can set them up for the rest of the day - think sourdough, smashed avocado and poached eggs rather than cereal and milk.

6. Medicine as food
As we become far more invested in the simple but obvious fact that the food we put in our body affects our wellbeing, expect to see far more collaboration between health and nutrition and the idea that food can be used to alter certain illnesses. Thanks to the latest scientific research, there seems little doubt that we know now that nuts, fibre, omega 3, healthy fats and sweet potatoes can help with heart disease whilst garlic and onion can improve respiratory function. Expect to see far more emphasis on tailored diets that can help reduce the effects of certain diseases. And whilst certain sceptics might question the validity of this, it is already being incorporated into mainstream medicine. At this year’s Oxford Food Symposium the hospital chef of Toronto, Joshna Maharaj, commented that she was shocked to see the hospital kitchen wasn't even using fresh produce. In reaction to the shocking standards, she retrained the chefs, found local suppliers and decided to serve wholesome and appetising food for every meal. Unsurprisingly, patient morale and health improved dramatically with the new menu. Perhaps one of our eho chefs will be asked into London’s hospitals to offer up some gastronomical delights?

7. Technology and food
It goes without saying that over the past few decades, technology has changed the way we engage with practically everything - and this is no truer than in the way we consume food. Farms all over the world are now incorporating smart technology including smart sensors that provide farmers with real time updates on soil quality, field conditions and pH levels that can create the best possible conditions for growth and so the highest quality of produce yet. From farm to plate - Apps such as MyFitness Pal that allows users to log precisely the amount of calories they consume per day whilst platforms like Upserve empower restaurants to make far more educated decisions about their consumers using data. These are just a few examples of the way tech is set to radically alter the way we consume and interact with food. And, of course, eho chef wouldn’t exist without the help of some rather nifty technology - take a look at our website where we have a list of some fantastic fine dining experiential menus.

8. Accessible fine dining experiences
Far more than a trend, we at eho chef sincerely believe this is here to stay. Whilst, previously the fine dining experience was only accessible at expensive restaurants that often meant a fair amount of travelling, spending a fortune of drinks and being crowded in a cramped space. Now, with platforms like eho chef the entire concept has been turned on its head. Now, individuals can hire personal chefs at a reasonable price to cook for them in their own home. A far more immersive and interactive experience, it means you can see exactly where your food is coming from and watch as a culinary wizard whips up a storm in front of your very eyes. With prices starting as little as £25 per head, this really is a phenomenal opportunity for every person to access the fine dining experience.

9. Supermarkets
In this competitive market, even the old steadies will need to up their ante to ensure that they attract customers. One of the main changes we will see is far more local produce as consumers look to take a far more “mindful” approach when shopping. Not only that, but we will see supermarkets focusing far more on home delivery as they look to compete with Amazon who are now offering same delivery on all shopping. And we could well see a complete evolution of the supermarket as we know it with in-store dining opportunities offering a far more attractive incentive for consumers to leave their laptops and do some physical shopping.

10. Avocado
This baby isn’t going anywhere. Yummy, packed full of nutrients and the perfect complement to your poached egg, avocado will remain the choice of hipsters across the country.

What are your thoughts on food trends for 2018? We would love to hear from you or if you are interested in any of our fine dining experiences in London or the rest of the UK please feel free to give us a call on 0207 183 1628 or drop us an email on foodies@ehochef.com

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