Welcome Food Lovers; Discovering London’s Culinary Talent, Made Easy!

14 Oct 2019 (Mon)

We first launched eho chef in 2016 as a busy group of food lovers wanting to help people spend more quality time with friends and families around the dinner table. 
After busy days juggling work, kids, home and life, we often have limited time and energy to host get-togethers and dinner parties at home. There’s so much to sort out - the shopping, multi-tasking between hosting and cooking, instead of sitting back and enjoying our time together... and let’s not forget the dishes afterwards!

Eat Out At Home – Quality Food Easy To Enjoy.

Using our restaurant background, we wanted to showcase the talents of our chefs and cooks to provide tasty freshly-cooked meals - providing the convenience and service of dining out, yet accessible and affordable from the comfort of your own home.  No worrying about testing new places, trawling through menus, fitting in the meal in a two-hour window. No more takeaway order mishaps and having to heat up your dishes. 

Taking time out to share food with our friends and family at home should not be a luxury; it’s a necessity for happy, healthy lives! 
In just a few years, we’ve grown from a few friends and chefs getting together, into a lively community of food lovers with over 200 diverse, multi-cultural, talented chefs and cooks in London (with more coming from all over the UK) waiting to cook for you.

Your Culinary Wish Is Granted!
Well, we don’t rest on our laurels here at eho chef…. listening to our customer feedback, we’ve revolutionised the platform by introducing new tech capabilities to grant your culinary wishes even faster. 

We wanted to provide a better experience and service that is super simple, efficient and fulfils your culinary desires. No more scouring through menus and going back and forth trying to find the right at home chef who’s available. 
You choose your budget, preferred cuisine, dietary request and any special information, e.g. “Christmas dinner party at my home in Shoreditch”.  You can even choose the premium service where our chefs will do all the clearing up at the end!
Our chefs will respond with their tailor-made offers. You select the one you like best and leave the rest to them. 
It’s this simple:
1. Sign up - takes a couple of minutes and you’re ready to go.
2. Post your request – Where, When, and What you are looking for. 
3. Review - Your request will be sent to the chefs who match your requirements who will then make offers of their tailor-made suggestions for you to review and choose your match.

Each chef has their own profile where you can see their areas of expertise, reviews and testimonials. 
Connecting Food-Lovers
The eho chef team are on a mission! We’re building a community and connecting food lovers, whether it be groups of friends, families or colleagues to those with a passion to create and share their culinary talents.

Sign up to eho chef before 31st January and you’ll receive eho points worth £10 to use on your first eho chef booking!

Ready to get your dinner sorted?