Video with eho chef Akemi Yokoyama

03 Oct 2016 (Mon)

As one of our first echo chef’s, we have developed a fantastic relationship with Akemi – which has meant she is really able to embody our ideals. As not only a chef, but a teacher at one of the first ever Japanese cooking schools in London, Akemi is a talented and inventive Japanese chef. Having been in the industry for a number of years she is dedicated, passionate and well- known and so was a natural choice to join the eho chef community.

Knowing that a number of people want to dine at home during the weekend, she caters fine dining experiences at this time. Working around the client she will communicate with them to gain a deeper understanding of their requirements and can bring everything from chopsticks to soy sauce to ensure your guests really benefit from a Japanese fine dining experience. Cooking food that differs from the everyday, she is precise and meticulous in her attention to detail and often does prep at home to make sure all the food is primed and ready for a seamless fine dining experience. Gaining her pleasure from hearing people enjoy her food, she also admits to appreciating constructive feedback so she can constantly seek to improve and better her cuisine. Her main aim she says, is “to be original” and we think she does a cracking job.

If you would like to book Akemi please feel free to check out our website or email us on and, of course, you can always call us on 0207 183 1628

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