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17 Jul 2019 (Wed)

Today is National Hot Dog Day!

We've heard everything now! Every day of the year seems to have one or more 'National this' or 'National that' going on nowadays and as a bunch of foodies, of course we had to write something about the national food days for the middle of July!

Today is NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY, but our view is that this is really a national thing in the USA as hot dogs are much more readily sold there than in the UK. Did you know there's a 'National Hot Dog and Sausage Council' with facts about the history of hot dogs.

What's your favourite hot dog? One of our favourites is the all beef hot dog which is sold at Costco stores in the UK. Hot dogs are usually available at outdoor events and festivals around the country too. Our discussion went along the lines of is a hot dog still a hot dog if it's a real sausage rather than a frankfurter style sausage? What's your view?

Today is also NATIONAL PEACH ICE CREAM DAY... can you believe there is such a thing? This made us laugh out loud as none of us at eho chef have ever tasted peach ice cream! Some of our chefs include ice cream in their menus, e.g. Christopher White has a menu with ice cream as a dessert, as does Krzysztof with his BBQ menu.

You can buy peach ice cream in the supermarkets; there's a brand called 'Breyers' and also, whilst researching for this blog, we discovered that Ben & Jerry's used to have a 'Fresh Georgia Peach' flavour for five years until 1991!

So what else is in store for us this month I wonder... it's holiday season so you'll be delighted to to know that coming up over the next few days/weeks are National Daiquiri Day, National Lollipop Day and even National Tequila Day. What day would you register for national celebrations? At eho chef we'd suggest 'National Hire a Private Chef Day'!

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