The Best British Drinks For Christmas

19 Nov 2019 (Tue)

The final fireworks have fizzled and the gloves on our fingers confirm the winter chill has most certainly arrived. Kids are considering their letters to Santa and if we’ve not yet heard Mariah Carey in a shop near us… we know it won’t be long! Christmas is coming. 
Meanwhile, eho chef’s genius  platform has been busy match-making home chefs and cooks to food-lovers who are planning their festive get-togethers with family and friends. 
Staying cosy, relaxed and ‘eating out at home’ is so easy now! London foodies can enjoy a great way to savour quality food from the the comfort of their own home and bring the party to them.  You no longer need to brace the cold during those dark winter months; you can take your time to prepare for guests without factoring travel time no need to worry about a two hour limit on dining table time, just simply enjoy your evening, all evening.  With eho chef you don’t even need to worry about shopping and cooking the food – or even clearing it away for that matter!  
But if our home chefs are taking care of the food, what about the drinks? 
As a group of enthusiastic foodies, we love discovering exceptional producers, and when we find them right here in Britain we get even more excited. 
So here is a run down of our five Best British drinks for Christmas – whether they are for gifts, or for sharing at your own Christmas gatherings, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Our Favourite Five British Drinks For Christmas

1.  Nyetimber Sparkling Wine  This is no new discovery, but we have to mention it in any list of great British drinks for Christmas because – it’s just wonderful! 
English sparkling wines are revered the world over and Nyetimber perhaps most of all. The queen herself is a fan, she selected it for her golden wedding celebrations. 
“It’s this combination of elegance and delicacy which really stands out.”  Says Cherry Sprigg, their head Winemaker, in an interview with the Telegraph. 
They offer a range of fizz, all equally delightful for different occasions, but their Flagship Cuvee is our choice for festive toasts. A classic blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier its ‘a perfect balance of elegance and intensity’ 
Nyetimber offer complimentary next day delivery Click here to visit their shop.

Discover more about Nyetimber in this article in the Telegraph.
2. Wasabi Vodka – Dorset’s pioneering farmers ‘The Wasabi Company’ haven’t rested on their laurels after winning 13 Great Taste Stars for their new(ish) range of condiments and sauces. Instead they’ve blown their own hole through the gates of the artisan spirits market with their new Wasabi Vodka: it’s distilled with the flavour and power of fresh wasabi and nothing else. We spy a Christmas hit! It’s unique, delicious and warming, with the added value of being a great talking point for parties – what’s not to love? 

Expect sweet light botanicals, bold brassica flavours and then that unmistakable fire of wasabi as it rises through the palate into the nose. High notes of star anise and pepper top notes complete this seductive artisan vodka. 

 Available from their online shop at The Wasabi Company.

3. Pilton Keeved Cider:  This is cider, but not as you know it! 
The apple alchemists at Pilton cider use the natural fermentation process of ‘keeving’ to make this naturally sweet and sparkling ‘nectar’. Keeving is a process which is common in France but less so here in the UK; it requires patience, technical skills and some serious craftsmanship.  Fans of Normandy cider will enjoy this. Pilton keeved cider is so delicate and sophisticated it even works well as an aperitif. We’ve yet to see a cider hater that wasn’t instantly converted. 
Available to buy online at Pilton Cider

4. Kanpai Sake.   British sake? Tom and Lucy, Kanpai’s founders fell in love with real sake when they first discovered it.
“It’s perfect to sip smoothly at the end of a working day or to enjoy over dinner with friends. Or even mix up into a cocktail.” They explain. 
Jon Hawkins on Foodism says “It's smooth, complex and alive with a vibrancy you only get from something utterly fresh and unadulterated, which is exactly what this is.”  We wholeheartedly agree. 
Read more about Kanpai in this article from Foodism.
For stockists visit Kanpai's website.
5. Three Spirits Non alcoholic Social Elixir Chris Martin writing for Shortlist says “This is a plant based ‘social elixir’ and we think the second word there is bang on as there are no less than 11 ingredients here, including lion's mane, cacao, passion flower, green tea and molasses. Flavour-wise it's sweet and sour with complex notes of tea, dried fruit and a lot more. A unique option that will suit those who enjoy kombucha.”   
The herbal concoction is created to put you into a positive mood with the benefits of zero hangovers. With so many of us becoming more interested in enjoying good health and well being these days – we‘re expecting to see a lot more from this team of ‘alchemic botanists’. 
Read more about Three Spirits Social Elixir in this article by Shortlist Magazine.
If you want to try it for yourself, visit their online shop.

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