Rainy Days in Summer

17 Aug 2018 (Fri)

As there's rain in London at the moment, we're seeing lots of Facebook posts about parents struggling to find things to keep the kids occupied without spending a small fortune, so we wanted to suggest some ideas for cooking at home with the children.  

* Homemade pizzas - you can make the dough yourself or buy a kit from most supermarkets - smooth over some tomato puree (or ketchup/BBQ sauce if that's your angel's preference) and then let them create an arty masterpiece with the toppings of their choice. Our favourites are ham, sliced pepperoni, sweetcorn, pineapple with a sprinkling of grated cheese.  Can we suggest putting a disposable covering over your worktop (clingfilm works!) so that you don't spend weeks finding random bits of food behind the toaster!

* Fairy cakes are always a winner - you'll find recipes galore online which are easy to make or you can go the simple route and buy a mix - our favourite is the Betty Crocker Devil's Food Cake! Make your own topping by mixing icing sugar with a little drop of water (or lemon juice or flavour and any colouring if you want to jazz them up a bit) then sprinkle sweets on the top.  Don't make it a competition or there'll be arguments and we don't want that!

* At eho chef, we're a little bit in love with the 'throw it together' cakes. Linda regularly cooks Gary Rhodes' Banana Bread Cake from 'Short-Cut Rhodes' (which she's had 20 years!) - awesome to eat as a cake, a bread with butter on it, or even served warm with custard.  All the wet ingredients get mixed together and added to the dry ingredients, in the oven for a couple of hours... job done!

* What about Eton Mess? Personally we'd leave making meringue to the experts and buy ready-made meringue nests from the supermarket, but it's your choice! The children will likely enjoy breaking (or should we say smashing or squidging) it all up, mix in squirty cream and/or a dollop of icecream and add their favourite fruits. This should be a sure way to get them to eat their fruit for the day!

Of course adult supervision is required for all of these activities, especially using knives and the oven/hob!  You will no doubt be exhausted when the kids go to bed so why not treat yourself to an eho chef - you can plan for them to arrive at bathtime and by the time bedtime story and goodnight kisses (aka arguments and/or up/down the stairs 20+ times) have taken place then your dinner will be served after which you can collapse in front of the TV whilst your private chef does all the washing up! If this is up your street, be sure to be in touch to arrange a stress free end to your day.

You will find us at ehochef.com and you might enjoy following us on Instagram and Facebook. By all means drop us an email if you have other ideas to share (foodies@ehochef.com) and give us a call if you need us on 020 7183 1628. Happy holidays!!


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