Make your 40th birthday party go with a swing!

01 Feb 2018 (Thu)

Love them or loathe them, 40th birthdays are a big deal. Whether you're a party animal, a closet rocker or a refined quiet type, finding a great idea for your 40th birthday party isn't always easy. Here's 10 top 40th birthday party ideas, to help inspire you!

1. Casino evening
Casino evenings offer you the opportunity to dress up and spend an evening as James Bond. You can hire casino tables and a dealer (here's an example of casino entertainment providers: or opt for glamourous costumes and shaken, but not stirred, cocktails.

2. Rock n Roll is here to stay
Rock and Roll is suitable for all ages and is always a crowd pleaser and covers all budgets. You could hire a DJ to play some great tunes, turn it into an Elvis-themed event and hire an Elvis impersonator or, if you'd rather keep the cost down, prerecord your own soundtrack. You could even get everyone to dress up as well!

3. Mad Hatter's tea party
If you want fun and elegance, all in one hit, how about a Mad Hatter's tea party? You could have an elegant afternoon tea spread, comprising of finger sandwiches and three-tier cake stands, whilst dressing in the maddest hat and outfit you can find! You could even make it a totally Alice in Wonderland affair and dress as characters from this classic book. But look to make it totally stress-free, by getting in your own chef to create this glorious feast.

4. Movie night
If your idea of a perfect party is chilling in front of the TV - why not hold a movie night! You could order in the pizzas, provide the popcorn and watch some classics together.  

5. Intimate 40th birthday party dinner
If you'd prefer something intimate and refined, why not hold your own intimate dinner party? If you're looking for a totally stress-free event, why not hire a chef to come to your home? Not only will they prepare a gourmet menu for you, they'll cook a feast for you and your guests in your own kitchen (and clean up after themselves!) while enjoying the dinner party games with your guests.

6. Scavenger hunt
A scavenger hunt gives you a great option, to include all age groups and to get people active. You could hold it in your own garden, or go large and make it a full-scale hunt around your village or town!

7. Retro party
Want to recreate a past great party? How about that party you wish you'd had, but never got the chance? A retro party gives you an opportunity to relive one of your past highlights or to have a second chance. You could relive your 18th or host that prom you never had - complete with the music and clothing of that decade.

8. Group activity
Want to have fun and learn something new? Why not opt for a group activity for a memorable 40th birthday party? You could try your hand at circus skill training, chocolate making or even fire walking!

9. Picnic
Picnics not only get you all outside, they're a great way to burn off excess energy. Not only do you get to spend time with your nearest and dearest, it can also be relaxing and having fun. You could have a simple picnic of sandwiches and snacks, or go all in and have wine, cheese and a buffet. Just don't forget the frisbee, football and kites!

10. Wild West evening
This can be as tame or as wild as you want! You could have a bonfire, straw bale seats and BBQ food. Look at throwing in some fun games (such as fence post lassoing) or even get in a line dancing teacher, to show you all how to do-si-do. Want to go wild - hire a rodeo bull too!

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