Local cuisine on holiday in Europe

19 Jul 2018 (Thu)

It’s that time of year when the children have broken up from school for their long holiday and many of us are now taking advantage of the plans we made earlier in the year.

Are you going to Europe for your holiday? If so, have a fabulous time and enjoy tasting local cuisine which will fuel your creativity for different meals when you get home. Here's some dishes we urge you to try:

Canary Islands - papas arugadas are my favourites with the green mojo sauce (the red one’s too hot for me!);

Greece - try the local Moussaka followed by freshly baked Baklava;

France - the fresh bread and glorious cheeses (with a delightful glass of red wine for the grown-ups only of course);

Germany - Bratwurst is a sausage (beef, pork or veal) which is not to be missed;

Italy - a true Italian pizza simply melts in your mouth and tastes even better eaten 'al fresco';

Spain - tortilla is so delicious for a snack and can be eaten hot or cold - tell the kids it’s just a fat omelette

We’d love to hear from you as to where you’ve travelled and what food you loved, especially if you’ve re-created it at home when you’ve returned! 

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